Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blueberry Picking!

This week I got to do something that I have never ever done before - go to a farm and pick blueberries! I told someone I was going and they asked if I had ever picked anything before and I realized I never had. I grew up in the dessert…remember?! No picking apples, berries, corn or anything of the sort. So needless to say, I was super excited!

Thursday after Soccer Camp two of my friends told me they were going and invited me along. At first I said no. We did not get home until after midnight the night before and Jaxen was exhausted (as was I) from our busy week. But I talked with Nik about it and he told me to go - Jaxen and I both would survive and we could rest up later…so at the last minute we went!

We had to drive pretty far away (maybe 45-60 minutes) but I’m so glad we went to the place we did. No pesticides or anything like that on their berries, it was Christian-owned, they were $.65 cheaper per pound than anywhere else around, they provided ropes and buckets for everyone and….they had this great big sand pile for the kids! Sounds great, right?!

Once we started picking we realized we were probably a week early. But we picked what we could. Thankfully, right before we left we checked out this other area of the farm and realized those berries were great…and there were so many of them! So we picked our hearts out until the kids were done! The two friends I came with left with over 30 pounds each. I came home with 7. Ha ha. They had good helpers helping them. I had Jaxen :)  I had to explain to him to only pick the blue - and he did well and was really getting good…but then he would dump his bucket of blueberries on the ground! I then had to sort through the grass to get all the blueberries. A few times. I finally talked him into dumping his bucket into mine or Misty’s. Then I had to stop picking blueberries for a while to let him go play on the sand pile. So - all that to say…I only got 7 pounds! But I’m happy with what I got!

Ok…I think that about sums it all up…here are some pictures!

Jaxen and I ready to start picking!

Our whole group!
(Carla, Misty, Jaxen, Celtin, Trinity, Kristen, Saige and Kendell)

Jaxen really enjoyed picking them, and once he got the hang of only picking the blue ones, he did great! He ate a few…but kept spitting them out. He did not like them. I loved them!

Jaxen and Saige

Jaxen and Mommy

Jaxen and Trinity

This next picture makes me laugh….
All of a sudden I turned around to check on Jaxen and he had thrown his hat off, taken his shirt off and was working on his shorts…what?! I have no idea… and he did not want his clothes back on!

Marching through the field. Shirtless.

We finally found the jackpot of blueberries!

Jaxen was a mess by the time we were done…so dirty!

And this is why...

 He had the best time in this sand pile.

I had already taken my berries and Jaxen to the car - where I completely wiped him down (head to toe and in between) with baby wipes; changed his clothes; and got him settled in his seat with a snack and drink when I saw everyone coming back with their berries - so I took a picture!

It was a great afternoon! I am so glad we went…and I feel like more of a “Northern New Yorker” now that I have picked blueberries!

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