Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekend Favorites - Part Two

So yes, I realize this post is super-late (considering it's the middle of the next weekend already). Ha ha. Oh well - here's the rest of it...

We had a lot of fun this past weekend, and Sunday was no exception - and quickly became a favorite!

We were asked to join in the birthday celebration of Celtin and Caidyn (our Pastor's twin kids) who were turning 16. And we were excited to do so!

We headed to Alexandria Bay, where we all got into (two) boats and hit the water!

Jaxen, all ready for the boat ride!
This is the 2nd boat - full of the birthday kids and their friends.
Who are some of Jaxen's favorite people!
Jaxen enjoyed the boat ride, and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery! 

The boats were eventually stopped and all the kids had a great time swimming.
They aired up this raft-type-thing and it became a favorite!
Jaxen enjoyed swimming back and forth between the boat and the raft.
I was so impressed at how well he did!

None of the adults got in the water...too cold!
But the kids did a great job helping and looking out for Jaxen.

One thing Jaxen learned to do was to "pull" the raft in.
It quickly became his favorite acitivty out there!

All the kids on the raft. 
Nik, Chad and Scott (missing John). 
Carla, Misty and Tammi (missing Donna). 
After the boat ride - we had dinner and cake and the kids had a great time playing.

Scott and Donna's home sits directly across the lake (about 1 mile) from Bolt Castle.
And the views are pretty spectacular.
This was my favorite picture!
As it started to get dark, you can see all the boats coming out to watch the fireworks show.
Again, firework pictures are not very good...
but you can see the fireworks, the reflection of them off the water (which was so cool), and it all happened above Bolt Castle, while we were sitting on the dock.

See why it was a favorite?!
Thanks for sticking to these incredibly long posts...
and my gushing-going-ons about a great weekend we had!
Not everyday, or even every weekend is like that - and that's okay -
but I'm sure going to take the ones that are, and not take a single second for granted!

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