Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Glimpse Into Our Week

To start out…I want to show you this picture. Look closely.

This really happened. The car passed right by me while we were waiting at the red light. Pulled up in the wrong lane and sat there. When the light turned green, they turned left like it was normal they were in the total wrong lane!

My goodness.

Okay…on to our week!

For those that don’t know, Nik comes home everyday for lunch. And I love that! I know that most people don’t get that opportunity (1. to go home for lunch and 2. to spend time with their family during their lunch hour) so I try not to take it for granted. But it is so nice to see him in the middle of the day and share a meal together. And Jaxen loves to see his daddy during this time (anytime, really) and he follows him around wherever he goes! This picture shows just that. Wherever Nik goes, or whatever he does…there is Jaxen!

This is how I found Jaxen after his nap on Monday. 
No clothes, laying in front of the heater vent!

Jaxen loves to play with his cash register!

Jaxen was looking pretty cute on Tuesday -
This is him in the parking lot after playing at the Y while I exercised.

While he napped on Tuesday, I finally got around to removing all of his too small clothes, going through the next size up in clothes and getting it all organized and the too small/big clothes back up in the attic. It was a productive afternoon and I was grateful my sweet husband dropped off a green tea for me that he picked up while out running errands. A fun drink always makes a day better, right?!

And I am so glad I was standing at the right place, at the right time to capture this next picture.
Ha ha! It makes me laugh out loud!
This is how Jaxen came down from waking up after his nap.

Jaxen has been napping really long this week. I’m talking 3-4 hour naps! Wednesday was a really busy day (helping a friend move) so he was up early and went down for a nap late…but even Thursday he napped over 3 hours. I think he is dealing with some of the allergy issues I had earlier on. It really wore on me - and I think it’s getting to him too.

After his nap, he wanted to take a selfie.

And later that day, after a bath - he emerged as Elmo with a hard hat on!

He is one precious little boy!
I have really enjoyed these last few days at home with him.
We are in a really good groove right now. 
Knock. On. Wood. Ha ha!

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