Thursday, April 23, 2015

Life Lately (in pics) - Last Week

I know, I know, I know…I have been a BAD BLOGGER! Forgive me. We were out of town a couple of days and then I have yet to be home one night since we returned. I am currently taking “day shift” with Jaxen and then Nik has “night shift”. Not the best case scenario…but we are making it work for now!

On with my post. Keep in mind, this was our life last week. This week it was cold, rainy and even snowed today. (Sad face)


Thursday night Nik and Jaxen went out for ice cream - And I was texted this pic:
Nik assured me that it was only one scoop - and Jaxen ate it all up!

Jaxen still loves his headphones  - and was actually clapping when I took this pic!

At our Tuesday Tot Time, Jaxen was playing so well with these two little girls.
Makes me happy to see my boy playing nicely - ha ha!

After babysitting, Jaxen decided he wanted to sit in the Bumbo Seat and play like Sadie.

Saturday we ran across a little area that let kids explore a Fire Truck and an Ambulance.
Jaxen loved the big trucks!
The above pic cracks me up for a number of reasons:
1. My kid needs a haircut.
2. His pants are high-water but I refuse to buy him new ones, because it’s almost “shorts” season.
3. He is wearing a super hero shirt, and won’t go near them.
(They had Spiderman, the Hulk and Batman there for the kids as well. 
Jaxen was scared of them!)

We also happened upon a garage sale with this little treasure:

It is an electric Mater-Truck. And Jaxen had the best time riding it!

He rode up and down our neighborhood multiple times and he thought he was the coolest thing ever!

For some reason, when I see him on it - 
He reminds me of a little old man going on his scooter to Wal-Mart. 
Not sure why that is the image I get…but it cracks me up!

If spring ever sticks around…we will have lots of fun with Mater!

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  1. I think it's the sweater that makes you think "old man" - ha ha! I love it!