Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Is Here!

So spring officially (in my mind) arrived today!!!!!

Although, if you talk to the long-timers they will tell you not to get your hopes up just yet. It has been known to snow on Mothers Day. So we will see. For now, we celebrate spring!

But first…

Jaxen has been attached to these 2 “friends” all weekend.
It’s pretty cute.

 He even had to take them to church with us today!

So before I show you how we spent our afternoon…let’s take a look back not-so-long-ago:

 Same view today:

While Jaxen napped Nik and I went to clean up/out/rearrange our garage.
Which means: move snow blower, shovels and all snow equipment to the front; 
get lawn equipment easy-accessible; move all of Jaxen’s toys where he can get them…etc.

Then when Jaxen woke up - we played!

We even walked to a friends house and hung out, outside with them!
It was a wonderful spring afternoon.

I am looking forward to many more. Stay away snow!!!!

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