Saturday, April 25, 2015

Playing Catch-Up!

Here are our Sunday Selfies!

And a few other pictures of Jaxen from Sunday…

Sunday, at church, I was greeting - so I had Jaxen help me out.
(never too early…right?!)
He handed a bulletin to every person that walked in, and had the greatest time doing it!

One thing I learned from this little exercise…
People smile more when a cute little toddler hands them a piece of paper.
I hope that in some small way, God used Jaxen to brighten someone’s day on Sunday!

Once church was over - I loaded Jaxen and his stuff up in the Jewett’s vehicle, with their 3 boys…
and Jaxen never looked back! He was so excited to be going with his friends.

I received these 2 pictures that day… 
Jaxen wanted to do anything and everything those boys were doing!

Nik and I took off to Syracuse, NY, for our church’s annual District Assembly.

I love this picture of us, for some reason. Don’t know why…but I think we are precious!

Tuesday we had a rainy day. Which called for an umbrella.
And Jaxen is happy walking with his umbrella!

I absolutely love those pictures! He is too cute!

I will leave you with this last picture.
It cracks me up.

Here is the story behind it…

There have been some things we want to purchase for the summer that are not necessities.
And we just bought a car - so the money is not always there for those purchases.
So I have made a new challenge for myself…
To sell stuff and make money to buy those purchases!
Good plan, huh?!
Well, I sold my first thing on Craig's List, which allowed us to purchase our first “want”.
A Bike Carrier.
This will hook onto Nik’s bike and Jaxen can sit in it, while Nik rides his bike.
I think Jaxen will love going on bike rides with Nik!
But then we had to purchase a helmet for Jaxen too.
The picture above is him trying on his helmet the day it came in the mail.

Now…we just need nice weather so they can try it out!!!!

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