Sunday, April 5, 2015

It’s Easter!

Before you start looking for cute pictures of Jaxen hunting Easter Eggs outside or opening gifts from his Easter Basket or even look for a nice family photo of us in a field of flowers….let me just stop you right now.

Ha ha!

I did not take Jaxen to see the Easter Bunny. I always forget - and it’s just not a priority, really.

We did not go outside and hunt Easter Eggs - it was in the 30’s today. What he found last week at the Fun Fair is good enough.

And I did not even get him an Easter Basket. I know, I know…he will be traumatized and probably be in therapy one day over that one. Oh well. When I asked Nik about that - this is how our conversation went:

Me: So should I get Jaxen an Easter Basket?

Nik: I don’t care. Whatever you think.

Me: What would I even put in it?

Nik: Candy.

Me: Well, we still have all that candy leftover from Halloween, already in the cabinet 
(thinking we don’t need more candy).

Nik: True

Me: Ok, so maybe not?

Nik: Ok.

And that was that. And there is not even a nice family picture, because we both had to be at church early today and I had responsibilities - so Jaxen went to the nursery early instead of hanging out with us during church. I did remember to take a selfie before we rushed out the door though!

Let me just tell you - he was a stud in his shirt and vest!
He looked so grown up and adorable!

After church I rushed home to finish prepping lunch and we had a great time with 2 wonderful families! It was so fun to get to know some new people and it reminded Nik and I that we should have people over more often. We really enjoy it!

This is what Jaxen is doing now:

He is wiped out from all the fun today!

I love holidays, and everything that comes with them: the food, clothes, traditions, friends, family…. but really - Easter is about so much more.

This is the day that we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. This is the day that we give thanks, and remember what was done so that we can have eternal life. It’s pretty awesome and mind-blowing when you sit down and think about what God did for every single one of us. I am so unworthy yet so grateful God loves me that much!

I pray that you realize God’s love and sacrifice for your own life. And that you had a Happy Easter!

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