Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Best and Worst Days

We have had the best and worst couple of days this week!

Best - I watched 2 sweet little girls Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - which meant that Jaxen had the best time playing with them all day, each day. And I didn't even mind the 40 min sharing session that I had to referee over the beloved doggie guitar. In case you are wondering, it went something like this:

Ok Leah, you can have it for 2 minutes. 
Jaxen wait. We are sharing. Wait. Don't touch. 
One more minute Leah. 
Wait Jaxen. We are sharing with our friends. 
Ok Leah, Jaxen’s turn. 
And on and on...! 

These 3 kiddos played the best together that I have seen them play. Usually there is a lot of taking toys away, or rough playing that results in injuries or something of that nature. But not this week! They got along great and Leah even said over lunch “Jaxen didn’t hit me! He gave me a big hug!” Proof right there, that there is improvement!

Although my time with Jaxen was split this week, I still had a good time keeping the girls. It is always great to see your kid happy and having fun! And there were a couple of times over the past two days where I was just so thankful (again / still) that I am able to stay home with my son. It is a wonderful privilege and one I don’t want to take for granted.

Here are some pics of them having some fun together -

They had a lot of fun with all of Jaxen’s toys. 
They were “new” to Leah - so that made everything better!

They decided to take pictures of me, since I was taking pictures of them.

Sadie did this every morning...

 The best part about the last 3 days - was that we could go outside and play!!!

 Sadie and I sat together while they played.

 They had fun laying on the floor and watching part of a movie after lunch.

Or “camping” under the rug!

 And they even went on “hiking adventures”!

I love this picture!

Their adventures were complete with a campfire.

 And then, of course, they had to “pretend” to get me wet!

I made them take a selfie with me!

Naptime on Thursday…I had all 3 kiddos sleeping at the same time!!!!
I felt like “Super Babysitter!"

Ok…on to the worst…

Worst - This probably started because Jaxen did not take a nap on Wednesday. I am used to being home every afternoon and giving Jaxen my full attention to his nap time. That is what I do. So throw in 2 extra kids and naps and I really didn’t know how to handle it. So 2 out of 3 kids got their nap. The napless kid screamed at me for 2 hours solid. Don’t roll your eyes and think I am exaggerating (which I do, a lot). This is no exaggeration. Just ask the 2 that (mostly) napped through his screaming!

It also had a lot to do with the fact that Jaxen has learned the word NO and uses it in every situation whether he means it or not. And uses it not-nicely (to say the least). So he would scream “NO” at me - at the top of his lungs - every time I opened my mouth. Needless to say, I was worn out and at a not very good place by the time Nik got home - then we had to eat dinner and head to church.

Jaxen was fine at church but when bedtime rolled around…the tantrums started again. The details are vague (probably a good thing to forget the majority of the night) but here is a quick recap for you: He was in bed late because he would not go to bed / Between Nik and I - we had multiple trips into his room once he was finally in bed because he was screaming his head off / He finally fell asleep only to wake shortly after midnight / And then did not go to sleep again until well after 3:30am / Nik and I were awake the entire time (I even cleaned a bathroom and did some laundry) / A number of things were thrown that night / And at some point he figured out how to climb out of his crib / I have no idea how and he only did it that one time!

All in all - a ROUGH NIGHT!

After a 24 hour period like that, you begin to reflect on some things:

1. I say NO too much - and have been trying to do better at “re-phrasing” some things.
2. This kid is mine and acts just like me. That is not always good!
3. Naps and sleep time are important and I need to continue to do my best to make it a priority.
4. Give myself some grace. It was one day.

So that was Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were back to the best of days!

I do have to say - Friday when the kids went home - I loaded up in my car and took off! I ran some errands that were neglected throughout the week - the most important being…a Sonic drink. I was gone a few hours and enjoyed my “me” and “quiet” time.

Happy Weekend! 
We are headed out of town tomorrow for District Meeting (no Jaxen). 
I have some other great pictures to share from our weekend, so I will try to do that soon!

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