Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Food

As with any holiday - food is involved and is a big part of the celebration. 

This Easter is no different. 

Earlier in the week, I wanted Jaxen to participate in “celebrating” Easter - 
so I let him paint pictures and we made cookies!

My intent was to give the pictures and cookies to some people in our church 
who needed a bit of encouragement this week. 
Maybe some shut-ins or people who did not have family in the area to celebrate Easter with.

A couple of different things came up this week (that I did not plan on) 
and I lost track of my original intent.

However, the pictures and cookies were still put to good use!

Jaxen loves to paint pictures!

And he loves to help me bake.
For these cookies, I let him put everything into the mixer and then turn on and off the mixer.
He was really good at listening and helping!
And then he helped me roll the cookie dough into balls. 
Or eat the cookie dough is really what I mean! Ha ha.
I had to eventually distract him once I started baking, because he would put his finger into 
the melted middle while the cookies were still warm!

We have given some away to people, eaten a few and then Nik took some to a 
dinner he had on Thursday.
The rest I plan to use for one of my desserts for Easter Lunch, which we are hosting.

Yesterday - I shopped.
Today - I bake and cook!

I have to make an Apricot Crumb Coffee Cake for our church’s Easter Breakfast.

And then on Sunday, we have invited 2 different families over to lunch, 
whose families actually all live in NM! Isn’t that funny?!

So here is my Easter Lunch Menu:

Drinks: Apple Juice, Sweet Tea, Kool-Aid, Water and Coffee
I will have deviled eggs and cantaloupe/grapes out while I finish lunch for people to snack on.
Lunch: Brisket, BBQ Sauce, Baked Beans, Corn, Salad and Rolls
Dessert: Cookies, Dark Chocolate Cream Cake and Carrot Poke Cake

And guess what?

Today….it is snowing. Totally.

The last two days it was so warm and nice (a taste of spring).

Anyways... here are a few pictures for your enjoyment!

Nik was getting a piece of cake yesterday…and look who followed to help him out!

 Jaxen wanted to wear one of Nik’s shirts - he was pretty cute in it!

Happy Easter!
I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating what the Lord has done for us!

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