Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Little Sickie

I have had a little sickie here the past few days. On one hand, I feel bad for Jaxen - but on the other hand, I am soaking up the extra cuddle time! (Except when he slept in our bed last night - I didn't like that. Haha!) He ran a fever Sunday night, but it was gone by Monday, and none since. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of allergy crud that everyone else in Upstate NY has right now (that we had managed to stay away from thus far). Poor guy. I know he does not feel good. You can see it on his face!

In other news... This is the week I was going to potty train! I was all ready to go (well, mentally ready) and then he got sick. The only thing I have left to do is buy fun stuff to put in the bribe/reward potty bucket. I have decided that Jaxen works well with bribes/rewards - so we are going to go that route. Don’t worry… I'm pretty sure I will share our entire potty training days in detail. (Lucky you.) That way, if it went well then I can remember what I did - and if I was a bust, same thing! Either way, I know it will be fun to look back on. 

Nik is doing well and has been busy here lately at the church and is currently planning for a summer soccer camp that will be hosted by our church this summer. It’s a lot to get together, but we are really looking forward to that!

I have actually been very busy this week too, with my side job. It's always good when I have to work, because that means money. But on the other hand, some nights it's hard to be gone from my favorite boys! Like tonight…they both went and got much-needed-haircuts!!! I’ll have to show you a picture another day. (Jaxen just went to bed with some tylenol in his body, and vicks rubbed all over his chest.)

Jaxen has been carrying these three animals around the past few days, and does not go to bed without them. Their names are “Monkey” “Baby” and “Checkers”. Ha ha. I love this kind of stuff, and don’t want to forget it!

That is all for now. It is time to hang out with my cutie husband. He took care of Jaxen, made me brownies, did the dishes and took out the trash tonight while I was working. Good man!

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  1. Sounds like he is a keeper. I still remember, BOBO Bear. That was Brennen's little animal. And we could not go ANYWHERE without Woody and Buzz! Thanks for reminding me!