Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekend In Review

Friday started with Nik working and me laying around while trying to entertain Jaxen. I have had some pretty bad allergies since arriving back home and it just knocks you out somedays. That has been me lately. But I survived and when Nik arrived home from work that afternoon, I went and bought me a very large Mt. Dew and went to clean a house for my job. And that pretty much sums Friday up! Not too exciting.

Saturday, however, was a fun-filled day! Our church hosted and Easter Fun Fair. Nik had to be there early so Jaxen and I were lazy Saturday morning getting ready to go.

All ready to go hunt Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg Hunting is a “spring affair”. 
But it was cold here (in the teens) so I had to do my best picking out 
I think we did it

We watched a drama about easter and then got to color eggs with markers.
Jaxen enjoyed doing that - plus…he sat through the entire drama!
It wasn’t long…but neither is his attention span

I tried to have him hold up his finished egg, but he had no desire!

They had all sorts of games for kids of all ages to play…
This one was supposed to be a race - holding an egg on a spoon.
Jaxen pretty much ran around, throwing the egg.

He got to fish for ducks.
And by the end of our time there - he was soaked and so was everyone in the vicinity!

Here he is picking out some candy.

And here is the actual Easter Egg Hunt!
 They had a really cool black-light hunt set up for the older kids,
but Jaxen was pretty happy finding eggs in the nursery!

He enjoyed bouncing in the bounce house (with the big kids).

He also got his hand painted, ate lunch and pretty much had a blast playing with everyone there!

He was super tired towards the end - so we headed home and he took a nap!

That evening after dinner - Nik and Jaxen headed to Sams Club.
And Jaxen got to try out this bike they had on display. 
Nik and I have talked about getting this for his birthday, and now I think we are!

After Sams Club, they headed to Wendy’s for dessert...

where Nik taught Jaxen how to eat a Frosty correctly - with French Fries!
He loved it!

I had another cleaning job while they were out and about.
But I did get a chance to help Jaxen finish off his Frosty once we all got home - yummy!

Sunday we headed to church bright and early!

I just have to say…church was awesome! I always enjoy church, but there are just times when the Spirit’s presence is so strong; when there are no distractions so you can whole-heartily worship; and when the message brought is a sweet reminder of God’s love, grace and forgiveness. It was a beautiful Palm Sunday - and I am excited about celebrating Easter Sunday this week!

After church we headed out to “Maple Weekend” at Massey Ranch. Doesn’t that sound very “New York?” Love it! I took this screen shot weeks ago so that I wouldn’t forget that I wanted to go!

So here’s the deal. I was a bit disappointed overall. I guess my expectations were a little high? Not sure. But here is what we did and saw -

This is where they take the sap (straight from the tree) and boil it to make pure maple syrup.

Pretty cool, but that was the extent of it. I thought it would be a bit more educational. But I guess the process is pretty simple…not sure.

We did get to sample the pure maple syrup; and maple cotton candy.

Then we stood in line outside (cold) to ride on the tractor trailer.

I’m not sure what I was expecting…but we literally rode on the trailer around the property. No tour guide talking about the history, or the land…I didn’t even see any tapped trees!

The land was pretty - so I took a few pics. And then we were back at the beginning. That’s it!

We did decide that we needed to take something away…
so we purchased a bag of cotton candy, some Maple Black Tea and some Maple Coffee.

We then headed home for Jaxen to nap and we had a relaxing evening together!

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