Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another Vehicle...

We have a new (used) vehicle!

In case anyone is keeping track, this will be the 3rd vehicle we have purchased since moving to NY.

It’s a hobby of Nik’s, I guess.

To recap:

We purchased the Volvo. It was fine. But didn’t like that it was a car.

We then purchased the Pilot. It was fine - until we had to put more money into it than it was worth.

So last week we went and purchased a new vehicle. We wanted to hold off until the end of summer, but really, we were not sure if the Pilot was going to last that long. So last Monday we went car shopping and Tuesday we came home with this -

A 2007 Saturn Outlook

I love the size - and room it has in it!

So far, so good. Maybe we will keep this one for awhile :)

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