Thursday, January 29, 2015

Better…But Not Great

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on us here…

Jaxen is still having bad diapers. Although he finally did eat today. He has not had a fever and acts fine…but whatever kind of bug he has, it is really hanging on!

And then I got a small dose of that bug today. No fun. Crackers and sprite for me.

Pray for Nik. He cannot get sick! He is preaching on Sunday and needs to stay well. He had to make a store run for wipes, Pedialite, and diaper rash creme. Basic needs. And then had to take care of Jaxen tonight while I went upstairs and rested. It was a hard day - being sick myself and still changing dirty diapers!

In other news….

A sweet lady passed away this week from our Church in Temple. She was always such an encourager and prayer warrior for us. She will be missed.

And Nik’s uncle Gary passed away this week as well. Please pray for his family during this time. My fondest memories of him were playing games during the holidays. He loved playing games and was competitive just like me!

And our sweet niece, Kyleigh, turned one this week!

Oh, and it’s snowing. We are only expected to get a few inches.

That is all for now…

We have some plans this weekend but we will see how everyone is feeling. So far, Jaxen and I have had to cancel friends coming over for dinner, a play group, bible study, watching a friends baby and Wednesday night church. Bummer. I’m ready for some normal life again!

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