Sunday, February 1, 2015

Resolutions / Priorities / Goals

Now that January is over I decided to share some of my resolutions / priorities / goals. Ha ha!

No time like the present time, huh (even if I’m a month behind the rest of the world)?!

In the past I have come up with statements that I want to live by; or a word to focus on through the year; and I have even made resolutions before.

This year, I have thought through what my top 6 priorities are and made a few goals based on those priorities and how am I doing in each area.

And so I thought I would share.

Carla’s 2015 Priorities and Goals

1. My relationship with God
    Have devoted study time and prayer
    Ponder: What message does my life send to others about God?

2. My marriage
    Make time to be alone with Nik
    Find ways to show him that I love him

3. My kid
    Intentional teaching about God
    Help with his speech

4. My Health
    Lose some weight
    Figure out my hobbies and do them

5. My Ministry
    Support my husband
    Use my spiritual gifts: helps / hospitality / encouragement

6. Other (this could change depending on life) - Currently: Finances
    Find ways to cut back on expenses
    Make some extra money to build our savings and save up for some fun adventures

And here are some questions from different resources that I have written down over the past month to ponder and help me as I work on keeping my priorities and goals.

1. How can I structure my mornings to be better prepared in mind, body, and spirit for the day?

2. How am I using my night hours so that my home, body and mind are prepared to rest?

3. Is the way I treat my husband an accurate portrayal of Christ’s goal for me as a respectful, loving and submissive wife?

4. Am I developing a habit that is causing me to be unproductive with my time and resources?

5. What can I do to build a better relationship with Jaxen and teach him about God’s love?

6. Do I use my time with friends to encourage them in their walk with the Lord?

There you have it. My thoughts on being-a-better-me!

What about you?

Did you make any resolutions? Are you keeping them?

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