Thursday, January 22, 2015


Here are some pictures from our Tuesday…

I taped some paper down on our table and throughout the day Jaxen and I colored all over it!

Jaxen is really into banana’s right now (and apples). 
The other day, I went upstairs to change and not long after, here comes Jaxen…
carrying all these bananas! He wanted one right then!

After being cooped up in the house I decided to take Jaxen to run the mall.
Our first stop was the game room - where Jaxen had to touch and try out everything!

And then we went to the bathroom and washed his hands!

We walked one length of the mall then stopped for a snack before heading back!
Window-looking is a tiring sport I guess!

He ran his little heart out and by the time we were almost to the end,
his pace slowed waaaaay down! I thought I might have to carry him out!

Once home, he decided to try on my boots and Nik’s gloves. Funny boy.

Jaxen is so funny sometimes.
And he wants to be just like his daddy.

Nik was putting on his shoes and proped his foot on this chair.
While he was doing that, Jaxen grabbed the other shoe and tried doing the same thing!

Too bad he was too short. 
He pushed Nik over, and climbed right up!

This kid likes to play “Nap”. Thankfully, he still takes real naps!

Snack time!
I decided to work on some fine motor skills. 
Play-do with spaghetti stuck in it, and cheerios - a fun afternoon activity and snack!

He kept “blowing it out” like it was a candle. Ha ha!

Almost done. Look at that concentration. He did such a great job with this task!

Now…time for the snack part!

That night, Nik had a meeting - so it was just Jaxen and I.
Jaxen put together this train track by himself (minus connecting the last piece together)!

Also -

“Here You Go” is his new favorite phrase and uses it all day long for everything! Example: When I told him I needed to change his diaper, he laid down for me - “Here You Go”. Then after I pulled the diaper off of him, he opened his little legs right up - “Here You Go”.

The last couple of times when Jaxen has seen Nik put on his coat as he is getting ready to leave - Jaxen runs to the door and opens it for him. Also saying “Here You Go”.

These are some great moments I don’t want to forget. 
There are not always great moments.
Stay tuned for our “Thursday”.

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