Monday, January 12, 2015

What I Have Been Up To

After seeing all those snow pics, you are probably wondering what I’ve been up to here lately (since I  have basically been trapped inside for a few days!)….

I have unpacked from our trip.

Caught up on laundry.

Taken down and put away all our Christmas decorations.

Our mantle looked bare - so this is my “winter mantle”.

Complete with a picture of Nik and I from our snowy days in the mountains :)

I have rearranged Jaxen’s playroom to make room for a few (large) Christmas presents he received.

And tried to organize the rest of our house (which always means moving a few things around).

I was tired of seeing an open shoe rack in my kitchen everyday, so I took this shelf from Jaxen’s room and moved it into the kitchen. Now we all have our own “shoe bin”. And I just have to put up with the snow boots while they dry out. But that’s ok. It looks better than before. Plus, what do you think of my new sign?! I think it is kind of fun!

So I have been pretty busy!

It has been really nice though, to have a few days to recoup after a trip. Normally, we hit the ground running and I have really enjoyed those few "snow days"!

Jaxen has been tuckered out since our return. He is happy to be home and is having a great time playing and running around everywhere but I think he has been exhausted. The whining, not listening, or obeying have been turned up a few notches!

This is Jaxen on Thursday. He fell asleep the minute we put him in the car to run a few errands.
So we let him sleep and I just ran in a few places and grabbed what we needed!

Friday after his nap, he stood in this spot, and told me all about his dreams.
Complete with hand motions!

 After bath, we had a visitor -
This is Matthew. He was visiting some friends here and stopped by to see us!

Jaxen has enjoyed having his playroom and TV back.
And of course, he needed a snack before bed.

And if you are wondering…Yes, Jaxen stays in footie pajamas 90% of the time.
It’s cold here, people. 

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