Saturday, January 24, 2015


Thursday started off as a semi-normal day.

Except Jaxen woke up at 6:45am. Should have been my first clue.
Thankfully, I was able to put him back to sleep for awhile.

Then I woke him up at 9:15am. Should have been my second clue.
We headed off to Bible Study.

I had to carry him to the car - he would not walk. Should have been my third clue.

Bible Study ended and we came back home. I let him watch a show while I prepared lunch.
When it was ready, he came to the table….

And threw his food off his plate. Screaming.

I don’t even know…

It just started. Quick. And went downhill from there.

I couldn’t even try to get him to eat, because he did not want what was on his plate and he thought it needed to be completely off his plate and out of his sight (and done in a not-appropriate manner).

I am all about time-outs and even spankings - but this was beyond that. I can’t even explain it, but it was like he went crazy for about 20 minutes and didn’t even know what he was doing. He was so irate at one point that he almost fell out of his chair because he was acting insane (no better word). It scared him enough that he let me pick him up and comfort him and he finally calmed down.

Once calm, I told him his food needed to stay on his plate wether he ate it or not. And then he chose what he ate off of it. Some days I push him to eat what I want him to. Today I just wanted the food to stay on his plate and not be thrown off!

All was well. Finally.

Until after his nap.

He woke up and I always get him a cup of juice and normally a snack. The minute I handed him his juice he started screaming at me (top of lungs, red-faced, shaking) kind of screaming. After awhile I realized he wanted a different juice.

No sir. Not with that attitude.

Again with the insanity. (For 34 minutes)

In his anger (I had left him having a tantrum in the kitchen) he learned to open the fridge! He brought me the juice he wanted from out of the fridge. I laughed so hard (inside) because he has been trying to open that fridge forever now…and he finally figured it out - in a fit of rage.

He kept throwing his juice cup and trying to open the juice bottle and I was not having it. Time Out. And again. And again.

He finally calmed down long enough for me to take him out of time out and change his diaper and clothes and put his shoes on him (we were headed to a basketball game soon). Then he remembers his  juice.


I think he finally realized he was not getting the other juice until he finished what he had. So he settled on his juice with some cereal and a banana.

And then he dropped his banana. And refused to get down and pick it up.

Thankfully, no screaming. Just crying and whining.

All is well. Again. 

Then I gave up my parenting duties for the day. Nik took over. And we headed to a basketball game!

Thankfully, days like that are few and far in between! Friday and Saturday have turned out to be pretty good days for him.

Nik and I have been pretty low key this weekend. I went out Saturday morning and helped a lady clean her house - and earned a few extra bucks. That was nice!


  1. My nephew doesn't act like that! You must have done something to him!

    Just kidding Sister! I admire your patience. I know you might feel like you don't have much patience, but you do. I can see it!
    I love you both!