Friday, January 9, 2015

Our Trip - Part 5 - The Road Home

We left Texarkana and began our trek home on Tuesday morning.

Jaxen is a pretty great little traveler. That being said…it is still not easy traveling with a 2 year old.

He loves to eat and drink all day long.
He wants to play with his toys…specific toys…until he drops one.
He thinks his world has ended when a toy has been dropped.
The person not driving has to climb around the car to find it - only to have him want a new one!
He enjoys watching movies.
But then you have to listen to that movie yourself.
He likes wearing headphones…but didn’t want the sound coming through them.
And he wants to be comfy. See below.

Even when we stop it is still not easy.

Nik pumps gas while I get Jaxen’s socks and shoes back on.
Nik then takes Jaxen while I search for a new pair of pants 
(if we did not stop before the diaper leaked through).
We walk into wherever we are going and I take him to the restroom with me.
No matter how much I need to use the restroom, I take care of Jaxen first.
Then I try to use the restroom myself, but it includes lots of this:
“Jaxen. Stop. Don’t touch. Don’t unlock or open the door. Leave that alone.” 
Sometimes, I’ll take him to Nik and then use the restroom in peace.

We tried to let Jaxen play as much as possible with a few bites in between.
But this one time, the playground was wet (we didn’t know) and Jaxen got really upset 
because he was wet and cold. And then would not come down.
See pic below.

Other times, he is pretty great about just sitting there eating. 
And drinking his dad’s shake.

He sleeps for about 1 hour of daylight in the car. That’s it.
So needless to say, the person not driving does not get much rest!

We did stop one night, and even though it was 10pm - we let him go swimming.
He had a blast. 
And was so happy to be free. And then he slept really well!

We had a very long drive on Wednesday (only stopping 3 times) and pushed through the night to get home. When we started our trek home, we planned on arriving on Thursday. We knew there was a big snow storm coming on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it was supposed to be clear on Thursday. Well, Wednesday the weather changed and it was clear all Wednesday afternoon, but another storm was headed in Thursday morning. They said it may be white-out conditions, because of the wind, so we pushed on. We had pretty good roads the whole way. We did have to slow down quite a bit but we wanted to be safe!

This is what Watertown looked like on our way home that night!

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