Friday, January 2, 2015

Our Trip - Part 2 - Family

We spent the first 4 days hanging with Nik’s family. It has been so fun - with a little crazy and a lot of noise! And a few quiet, relaxing mornings. On Monday, Nik and I were hanging out watching TV while his parents were still sleeping. Jaxen was playing. At one point I looked at Nik and told him how this would be a perfect, relaxing, quiet morning - if it weren’t for Jaxen!!! Ha ha!

Here are some pics of the family I have captured so far -

Kyleigh (our niece) and Nik

We have played a little Five Crown and Phase 10 late in the evenings.

Jaxen and I had to take our weekly selfie!

We ate BBQ. It was amazing. I could eat this again.
BBQ French Fries (fries, pulled pork, cheese and lots of BBQ sauce)!

Nik enjoyed Brisket, Sausage, Sweet Potato Fries, Okra, Beans and Bread.

Me, Jaxen and Mamaw Kay

Jaxen, Mamaw Kay and Bella

Kayleigh and Nik’s brother, Ryan

Caleb, Jaxen and Bella

One of the best forms of entertainment has been this turn table on the kitchen table.
Kyleigh loves to be turned round and round on it! 

And of course, wrestling with the cousins is a must!

Kyleigh and I

She much prefers Nik though :)

This is how Jaxen has been sleeping…
on a little air mattress (just his size) that has bumpers on the outside so he does not fall off!
He has been sleeping really well while we are gone (minus the first 2 nights).

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