Friday, January 16, 2015

A Bit of Random

I bought this new mug last weekend. It was on sale and I’m a sucker for cute mugs. 
Like the huge marshmallows in my hot chocolate? It’s all I had. Ha ha!

Sunday Selfie. I think this is my new favorite picture of us.
I love his sweater. And hair. And him. I mean. CUTE, right?!

Guess what is in Nik’s job description here, that was not in Temple? 
Shoveling snow off the roof of the church! Seriously. This snow is crazy!

Jaxen was finishing off some of my hot cocoa the other day and it started spilling the minute I snapped this pic!
Mom-problems, right there. He was doing so good…!

Monday morning, I kept this cute-4-month-old for a few hours.
Rachel was so good and sweet. Just like the rest of her family!

Funny pics from Jaxen - 

Good thing this boy takes a nap everyday!


  1. love the random idea! I also love the dripping hot chocolate pic - you will be glad you took it when you become and empty nester!

    1. You're right Terri! Thanks for that perspective! I love that we are on two different ends of the spectrum.