Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our Trip - Part 4 - The Tail End

First, some updates:

1. We are home! We pulled in a little bit after midnight last night (this morning). Today we are working on un-packing, laundry and for some reason (because that is just me) I am re-arranging some things. I am stuck with my re-arranging and so I am taking a hot cocoa break (thanks for the yummy mix, Kay) and blogging!

2. Yes, there is a lot of snow here! I’ll share some pics later. But we definitely came home to a winter wonderland. It is beautiful…but very cold! When we pulled in last night it was a -14 degrees.

3. Our friend, Chris’ surgery went well! They removed his tumor with no issues and is out of ICU today. He is in a lot of pain still (they had to cut his jaw muscles to get to the tumor) but is recovering well and hoping to head home Friday. Thank you for you prayers for him!

On to our regularly scheduled blog post.


Friday we left our friends, Chris and Kylee and headed back to Texarkana to spend the last part of our trip with Nik’s family.

On the road trip home - Nik and I were playing a marriage-card-game we received at a Marriage Conference we attended. This question was asked:

Question: Fill in the blank - I love you like a ________ loves a __________.

Nik’s answer: I love you like a fat man loves a cheeseburger!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I laughed until I cried - because for me, that is true love! Ha ha!

Just thought I’d share :)

Other pictures….

Jaxen loved wearing his Mamaw Kay’s glasses!

Mine and Jaxen’s selfie for the week!

He had the best time wrestling with his uncle Ryan...

 but after awhile, he needed some “daddy reinforcements”!

Sunday morning, we attended church where Nik and I were married 12 years ago!
We tried to take a picture with the church sign, but was super bright…
This is as good as we got.

That night we celebrated Nik’s birthday with a chocolate sheet cake his mom made.
It was such a good cake!

And here is a picture of Ryan (Nik’s brother) with one of his daughters, Kyleigh and Nik with Jaxen!

Jaxen and Nik - on Nik’s birthday!

This was the one day it was sunny and not raining for us to go to the park!
The bad thing, was that it was still pretty cold. 
Those little fingers could only stand the cold for so long.

Jaxen and Kyleigh really began to play well together. They had a lot of fun at the park.
It is funny….because I always have to “force” Jaxen to go down a slide. 
He will eventually, and loves it - but he never gravitates to a slide first.
This day, he only went to the slide once he saw Kyleigh go down!
Wherever one went, the other followed. It was really fun to watch them!

We had a really great visit with our family and friends. I’m so glad we were able to come down!

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