Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend did not turn out as planned...

Friday morning started with the boys bringing in some firewood. 
Jaxen was so proud of himself, helping out his daddy!

So proud even, that he pulled Nik over so I could take a picture of them together, 
in front of the firewood!

All done!

That afternoon, I had to babysit again - but by the time I came home, we had snow flurries going on outside and a warm fire inside! That kind of night called for my new favorite soup…Sausage & Corn Chowder.

And yes, I ate mine sitting cross-legged directly in front of the fire!

We also went out that night to buy….wait for it…...Syracuse Shirts! We had been invited to attend a Syracuse Football game on Saturday and I wanted to make sure we looked the part. I was so excited to go!!!

That evening I started not feeling well - so I went to bed early…only to wake up a bit later very sick to my stomach. And that continued all night. I didn’t get a wink of sleep until 4:30am, only to wake again at 6:30am. I was sick. I felt terrible. And it was not fun!

We had tickets and plans to attend the Syracuse vs Duke Football game that day - but there was no way I was going. So I told Nik to go without me (I mean, we already bought the shirts!) - plus, I did not need him hanging around me with all my sick germs, getting sick too.

Side note: He was scheduled to preach the following day and he was the only pastor in town - so he could not get sick!!!

So he went on to the game, and had a great time!

A friend found out I was sick and offered to take Jaxen for the afternoon. I was grateful. Jaxen was actually great all morning…but I felt bad for him. I basically sat in one chair, sipping on liquids all day. He got to do pretty much whatever he wanted - but I knew he would have more fun with friends than with me.

And that gave me a chance to disinfect everything in the house before both Jaxen and Nik returned home.

Saturday night was very low-key. Jaxen and I went to bed early, while Nik finished preparing for his Sermon Sunday.

Sunday was our anniversary!

We went to church (I was feeling better, but was extremely weak); Nik preached both services and did a great job (I can give you a link to listen to his sermons online if you are interested); Then we had plans to meet with our small group after church which was so much fun (we stopped meeting over the summer and this was our first time back); Once we got home, Jaxen and I napped; for dinner Nik and Jaxen had leftovers while I ate Ramen Noodles...

Exciting Anniversary, huh?!

After Nik put Jaxen to bed, he was telling me something funny that Jaxen did and I just looked at him and told him how lucky and blessed we are! I know our Anniversary night did not turn out how we wanted but I just love that we have a little boy to love and who makes us laugh multiple times a day!

Both Jaxen and Nik bring so much joy to my life and I am grateful to them!

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