Friday, November 7, 2014

Catch-up Time / Bake Sale

Here is a little catching up on our life from the past week…

Last Sunday, Jaxen was awake a bit earlier than normal (thank you, time change) and so Nik, Jaxen and I all went to church together! (Usually, Nik heads to church about 30 minutes before Jaxen and I). Nik was laughing at me when I told Jaxen to stand up so we could take a picture - apparently every Sunday I take a picture of Jaxen and sometimes of us both - so Nik named it our “Sunday Selfie!” Since he laughed at it, I made him take a picture with us!

That afternoon Jaxen and I took a nap. And while we napped, Nik (the best husband ever) went to Happy Hour at Sonic to get me a soda and then rented us a movie!

And good thing he got me a Large Vanilla Coke - because I needed the extra caffeine and sugar to continue making goodies for a Bake Sale! I think I mentioned on here that we were having a Bake Sale  - it was to raise funds for the youth to attend the Nazarene Youth Conference next summer.

So Sunday evening - I continued baking…

All in all - I made: 60 muffins, 2 pans of brownies, 1 chocolate cake, 2 batches of bark, 42 protein balls, 1 batch of munch mix, 1 batch of spicy crackers and 2 loaves of cinnamon bread. And I had the best time doing it!

While I baked, Nik and Jaxen hung out.

And I had to take a little break during the night to enjoy a helping of Spicy Crackers with my coke! Those crackers are addictive. Good thing they sold. But now, I just want to make more!!!

I finished baking and getting everything setup on Monday. This is how the table looked when I left Monday night. And a ton more baked goods were brought in on Tuesday!

And this is what our cute little boy looked like during his nap on Monday.

So this past Tuesday (Election Day) was the day for our big Bake Sale! (Our church is a voting site, and so we thought it would be a good idea to hold a bake sale). And it went really well! I’m actually thrilled with how well it went. We had so many baked goods donated from people in the church and they all looked so yummy - which means that they sell well.

Jaxen tried “helping out” at the Bake Sale, but pretty much ran wild for a few hours (right after these nice pictures of him, sitting, were taken!).

Notice his lunch box, and do you see that it is full of candy? That was meant to be given to him through out the day (as he was being good). But he saw it first thing in the morning and I relented and let him have M&M’s for breakfast. After the running wild thing, I decided that was not the best decision I had ever made!

Jaxen is wearing a deflated soccer ball on his head (as a hat) and he insisted that the secretary’s door had to be closed. He was pretty much a mess! After lunch, I finally took him home!

I went back to the church to take over for Nik around 5:30pm, and around 7 I texted him this picture:

We only had 6 items left! And at 7:48pm - we were sold out!!!! I could not believe that we actually sold every single item. (Normally, when we have worked bake sales before, there are always items left over). Not this time! I was so happy.

Wednesday we hung out at a friends house in the morning, napped in the afternoon and then went to church that night. Pretty typical day.

Have I mentioned on here that Jaxen is back to a good sleeping/nap schedule? For awhile there, he was sleeping about 11 hours and only napping for 45 minutes. Which was not enough time (for him, or me!). But now, he is back to sleeping about 11-12 hours at night and 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours during the day. Hooray!


This post got longer than expected, so I will tell you about our Thursday another day!

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  1. Ronnie loved your spicy crackers and asks me every day if I have gotten the recipe from you! haha. great blog post. Jaxen was so awesome that day. it made my day so fun!