Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jaxen and His Daddy

This little boy loves his daddy!

He pretty much wants to do anything that his dad does. And cries most days when Nik leaves to head to work. I think it is so sweet and special, the bond that they have.

Don’t get me wrong - he loves his momma too - but there is just something about his daddy!

Jaxen loves it when Nik is a “horse”!
They headed upstairs the other day and this picture cracked me up!

Jaxen wants Nik’s complete, undivided attention, all the time!

When Nik is off, Jaxen loves it when he lays down and naps with him.

They get to spend most Friday mornings together.
I usually am out of the house - so this time is completely theirs!

Jaxen is a lucky boy to have such a great daddy!

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