Saturday, November 22, 2014

Week in Pictures

 (Last) Saturday
While out running an errand, I decided to stop and get Nik and I a little (drink) treat!
(see the snow flurries in the pics?!)

After I came home, I paired my vanilla coke with some spicy crackers for a yummy afternoon snack!

Selfie Time! Jaxen was not in the mood for a picture this particular morning.

Isn’t his face pretty pathetic?!
I tried making him laugh - but those pics turned out blurry!

Nazarene nap time!

Play-do time! He had the best time with it.  

That night, he decided Nik needed help with the fire.

He loves to sit and watch the fire when it gets going good!

See his funny hair…that is snot that is making his hair stand up!

We worked on counting with his army men…boy mom!

It’s hard to see in the pic, but Jaxen is talking on his old baby monitor like a phone, 
wearing his hard had, walking down the stairs. Such a little man!

He loves playing with his tool set!

At church that night, Jake let Jaxen drum for a little bit on his bongos. Jaxen loved it!

Thursday and Friday we had some fun family snow days…post coming soon!

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