Monday, November 24, 2014

Snow Days!

It is really funny posting about our snow days because all the snow is now gone 
and we had a beautiful day in the 60’s today! But I know more snow is coming….!

But back to last week…

Thursday morning we woke up to more snow! 

First thing that morning, Nik and I spent about an hour outside doing this:

After Nik headed to work, Jaxen and I played at the house and when we were in the middle of this: 

Nik came home! (It was about 11:30am)…which meant...

A Family Snow Day! 

After being couped up inside most of the week, I was ready for a change of scenery. Guess what we did? We headed to Sam’s Club. Because why not, right? We needed diapers and they have super huge aisles that are perfect for a little 2 year old to run wild (as long as no one else is in the aisle with us) and let loose.

So Jaxen ran around and had the best time (putting items into our cart we did not need)!

He was in awe of all the big TV’s and could not stop watching them (like father, like son)!

After we shopped (ran around) we decided to eat lunch there. Because why not? Cheap food!

So that is how we spent a huge chunk of time Thursday - and we had a great time together!

Friday morning we woke up and decide to get out and do a little Christmas shopping. Right before we left home I received a phone call from a friend who wanted to know if Jaxen could come over for a couple hours and have a play day…why yes!

So Nik and I got a little unexpected time together. And it was great. We got a bulk of our Christmas shopping done and again, had a great time just being together.

So far, these snow days have been fun!

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