Friday, November 21, 2014

Stay At Home Mom - Part Two

Please see the post “Stay At Home Mom - Part One” if you have not already read it!

Being a stay at home mom is pretty much everything I chalked it up to being: not showering, wearing sweats all day, sleeping in, taking naps, cooking dinner, having a clean house…

Ha ha! Yes, it is all the above (at times) but is is also so much more! Here are a few things I love about being a stay at home mom right now...

Time at night with Nik. When Jaxen goes to bed, Nik and I have 2-3 hours together, usually uninterrupted. And I love it! Sometimes we do our own thing, but no matter what, I’m so glad I am able to stay up with him and spend time together!

Sleeping in. Yes, I sleep in. Thankfully, Jaxen does not wake up until around 8:30am. I sleep in usually until 7:30am. And I love it! And even better, I don’t normally have to jump out of bed and get ready for the day quickly. I can take my time. I like having this time in the mornings to do a few chores or my Bible study or just have a few minutes of quiet to myself!

My wardrobe. I have never been a “fancy” person, and I sure do not feel the need to start being one now. I know people say you should get "dressed" everyday because it will make you feel better about yourself, but I’m completely happy in my “comfy” clothes everyday. Especially on the days when Jaxen and I don’t go into town or see anybody else. It is much easier to play on the floor, cook dinner, take walks, go to the park, paint, clean bathrooms and other stuff when I’m dressed for it!

Time with Jaxen. The first-of-the-morning hugs and cuddles while he drinks his milk is worth it all. I love that time with him. The way he wants me to come in his playroom to talk and sing about his Christmas Tree with him, or how he plops himself down on my lap so I can read his favorite book to him is a wonderful feeling. The relationship that we have…is just pretty great! I love that I’m there with him everyday to help him learn, to watch him grow, and to love on him. And I am so happy that I’m there and available when he needs me. When his is sick, or hurt, or just looking to me for reassurance in a new situation. I know these days are fleeting and I’m so thankful that I can be a part of this time in his life!

Cooking. I normally cook dinner 6 nights a week and fix lunch (leftovers, grilled sandwiches…etc) everyday for all 3 of us (thankfully, Nik is normally able to join us for a quick lunch everyday). It saves money and it helps us to be a bit healthier in our food choices. I know Nik enjoys having home-cooked meals and I’m so glad that I can do this for our family. I love time around the table with our family! We are creating great memories and I hope we can always sit down for a meal together. Me, being at home just makes it a little easier to do.

Support for Nik. Last, but not least, is that I am able to be available to Nik and his ministry with the church. There are days that he does not ask me to do a thing…but then there are days when he needs me as a sounding board, or just for a listening ear…and there are times when I need to load up and head to the church to help with something, or he will call me during the day and ask if I can do something at home for him. It does not matter what it is - I am thankful that I can help! Being at home allows me a bit more freedom to do so.

So there you have it!

Basically, a few of the pros and cons of being a stay at home mom. I know this is not for everyone and not everyone has the opportunity to do so. I talk with moms every week who long to be able to stay home with their kiddos. I am just grateful that I am able to do so at this time!

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