Saturday, November 1, 2014


Our Halloween festivities began Wednesday night…

Jaxen was invited to attend Wednesday night in the Children’s Department at church, for their party. He had a runny nose all day (probably due to the fact he was outside helping me rake leaves the day prior) and was not feeling great.

But Nik and I decided that even though he was not feeling 100%, he would have a great time at the party and so I got him dressed and he went.

On the way to church - Happy kid - Ha Ha!

Once we joined the party and after a little “overwhelmed-meltdown” he started to enjoy himself.

He enjoyed the Pumpkin Bowling

And while he was supposed to be decorating popcorn ballsand cupcakes - he pretty much just ate the candy!

Later that evening, the church hosted a Trunk-or-Treat. Nik decided to buy some candy and open our trunk for the occasion. 

As a last minute idea to decorate, he came up with our Scion being a “Kleenex Box” for Halloween! It was really dark, and I only got one picture - but you can kind of see the decoration below - Tissue paper hanging (looked like kleenex), and then we passed candy out from an empty kleenex box. 

I thought it was hilarious because everyone here thinks our Scion looks like a Kleenex box!

I started out the night taking Jaxen around to Trunk-or-Treat and he did not want any part of it. So I gave up. Nik, however, decided to try and apparently Jaxen loved it and got loaded with all kinds of candy! 

After they went around, I decided it was time for Jaxen to head home.

And the first thing he did when we got home? Sat in his chair and munched on some candy (I let him have Cheetos and one piece of chocolate)!

Our festivities continued on Friday…

We met up with some friends for lunch at the mall and then the kiddos had some fun in the play area.

Jaxen, Jason Jr., Aaron

That afternoon Nik and Jaxen napped together for a little bit! So sweet.

That evening, I got Jaxen all ready to go while Nik finished up some work.

He was actually excited this time around!

A little selfie before we left.

Then we headed out to another nearby Trunk or Treat (in 44 degree weather)!

He saw the trunks and started running toward them - I guess he knew there was candy!

Nik had to carry his candy bag while he carried his snack and drink in one hand, and waved at everyone we passed with the other.

He had the best time going from trunk to trunk, especially when he got to pick out his own candy!

After we loaded up on candy, then we were off to dinner….pizza!

Jaxen loved dipping his pizza in extra sauce!

After pizza we stopped by the YMCA to watch some friends play indoor soccer. There were a few other kids there, and Jaxen had fun playing with them while we watched the whole game.

It was low-key, easy night. But we had a great time hanging out as a family!


Think Jaxen’s costume looks familiar? It should. It was his costume from last year! Do parents (besides me) do that? I totally did. For many reasons: could not find a cute costume, costumes are expensive, who even knew if he would wear it, he is not into any particular superhero…etc.

Plus, he looked adorable as a crayon…again!

Halloween 2014                                            Halloween 2013

Halloween 2012

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