Sunday, November 9, 2014

Catch-up Time - Part II

I left our “Catch Up” post on Thursday….which went a little something like this…

 Good Morning!

After getting ready for the day, we headed to Bible Study at church,
where Jaxen played with his good friend Gabriella.

Then we went to babysit for a family in our church who has 2 girls (Leah & Sadie).

Jaxen and Leah play pretty well together and they played for a long time, but then Jaxen
got mesmerized with Sadie, who is four months old.  He enjoyed playing with her and all her toys!

After Leah went down for her nap - I was trying to put Sadie to sleep. While I was doing that, Jaxen found one of Leah’s dolls and he was emulating what I was doing with Sadie, with this doll. It was actually pretty sweet. I very rarely see Jaxen being affectionate (ha ha) - but he was totally hugging this doll, patting her back and he even wanted this doll to lay down with him for his nap!

It was pretty sweet! And here is a picture of Sadie… she is pretty sweet too!

And no - I did not get “baby fever.” Just for the record.

That afternoon Jaxen had some diarrhea issues, which leads to diaper rash, which leads to him
kicking and screaming during a diaper change, which leads to a very runny dirty diaper being kicked at me, which leads to me having diarrhea all over my pants leg, which leads me to carrying that very runny diaper across the house, all the while dripping the contents of it on the floor and still having a very upset little boy who is covered (covered) in diarrhea, which leads to a bath, which leads to him not wanting to sit down in the bathwater because it stings his little diaper-rashed-tooshie, which leads me to calling Nik and asking him to come home and help! Nik saves the day by helping me get Jaxen cleaned and sitting in the bath (and happily playing) and then cleans up the trail of diarrhea while I change my clothes. A day in the life…!

Finally - a happy boy!

The diarrhea continued, as well as the diaper rash, all night. 
But we stayed on top of it. 

One more story (non-disgusting) - 
Jaxen has been enjoying playing with his ABC letters on the fridge 
and on Thursday night, Nik noticed how he was grouping them…color coded! Like his momma! 
We had a good laugh about that!

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