Saturday, March 1, 2014

Random Pics & Stories

The last 4 days for us have been focused on our last-ditch-effort to raise some money for the youth group through a Rummage Sale.

While Nik worked all day on the Rummage Sale, I was home with a little sick boy. Maybe teething, maybe a virus or a bug…not sure. But he has not felt good since Friday afternoon. I’m hoping he will be better tomorrow!

Nik’s day started out bright and early (5:30) and he did not get home until almost 5….but they made over $2,000!!!! It was a great way to end to our fundraising efforts!


Now for some random pictures and stories!

I have packed most of Jaxen’s toys…so he has to get creative!

I decided to take a picture of Jaxen with his teachers from Mothers Day Out…
But when I arrived to pick him up, and did not take him immediately, 
he thought I was going to leave him (hence, the crying face).

Since our house has been on the market, every morning before we leave, we make sure the house is “show ready”. Well, Thursday morning, as I was walking out of the house I saw the pan of brownies I made from the night before sitting on top of the stove. I knew I needed to hide them, so I quickly threw them in the oven….

When Nik came home that day for lunch, he went straight to the oven and turned it on to bake a pizza…not realizing the brownie pan (with the plastic lid) was in the oven. Oops! Melted lid, and twice baked brownies!

No picture.

My boss at work, Gary, purchased a brick in honor of us at the
new church building...

It sits among other bricks...

right in front of the prayer tower!

It was so sweet of him to do this. 
I think it is pretty cool that I am ‘forever’ an (engraved) part of FBC Temple!
It has been a wonderful job. I will miss it and all the people I work with.

 This is Jaxen, laying on the ottoman, leg crossed,
eating goldfish one afternoon!

Do you see his adorable new shoes?!

Another funny “house showing” story. Nik was home eating lunch and ran out of time to do his lunch dishes so he hid them (remember, “show ready” at all times). Later that day, I opened the cabinets under the sink to get a new roll of paper towels, and guess what I found? Plate, cup and fork! It took me by surprise...And then I laughed!

Friday morning, Jaxen was hanging out in bed with Nik and playing
with his cell phone. The result: about 20 “selfies”. Here are a few...

My favorite...

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  1. Oh my gosh! This stuff is TOO cute. That was so great of your boss. What a way to go out. I brag on you guys all of the time. Usually about what a brat you are and how you used to dig your fingernails into my arms or something like that but every once in a while it will come out as to what a great person you are; what a WONDERFUL family you have made; or about how many people's you guys touch on the daily and how wonderfully committed you are to the Lord and His purpose for each of you and you as a family. ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE ONLY A FEW REASONS WHY I AM PROUD THAT YOU ARE MY SISTER. Enough MUSHY stuff, so I leave you with this: What is invisible and smells like worms?