Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Story of Watertown, NY - Part IV

This is finally the last post in the "series" about our journey to Watertown, NY!

The rest of our time in Watertown...

Wednesday, January 29: we met once more with Becky (and the rest of her family) for breakfast and a little touring of Watertown. That day we went to the Christian school that her (and other kids from the church) attend, the mall (where I got to walk around and visited one-on-one with Becky),  Nik got to see Black River (the river that runs through town) and some more of downtown. It was really fun hanging out with people that we knew, in a new place and talking about our possible future there!

After lunch we went to check out a parsonage that the church owns (where we will live). They were in the process of updating/remodeling so it was under some construction but we still were able to see the bulk of the house. It is an old home, built in the early 1900s and it is very different from what we are used to…but I really like it and think it will be very homey and comfortable! I took some pictures of the inside, mainly for us to reference back to as we think through the move and where stuff needs to go (but they are not really worthy to show…like I would have to explain every single picture for you to understand what you are looking at) - so you will have to wait on some inside pics until once we move in!

But I did make Nik take this quick picture as we were driving away from the house -

It’s hard to tell, but there is a large front porch, and a sidewalk.

And here is a picture that we took looking out from a window upstairs to the back -

So this is the detached two-car garage. You can see the fence around it…that is our back yard - it’s a little bigger on the right side. But the thing I want you to see from this picture is the church. Right behind the garage you see a big field. and then between the trees, directly above the neighbors fort, you can see a steeple if you look really hard…that is the church! So we are in a neighborhood, behind the church. But the field is the church’s property…so we could literally walk to church (when the weather is a bit nicer!). And then on the other side of the church, is Thompson Park.

After a very quick look at the parsonage, we headed to the pastors house where Jaxen laid down for a nap and Nik and Pastor Chad  went back to the church and had some one-on-one time. They met most of the afternoon. 

Then Wednesday night was another big night for us! They held a church-wide pizza dinner for anyone who wanted to come out and meet us. Really, what happened was we got our pizza first, ate a little bit and then were handed a microphone for us to share a bit about ourselves. This made me extremely nervous. Being in a large group and just talking to a big room is not that much fun. I'm way better when I can talk in a smaller group...but I did it. Nik, however, was not nervous at all! 

The way they did this was, at each table, there were cards and pens. Anyone who wanted to ask a question could write their question on a card, and then pass it to the front - where someone was reviewing them and asking the questions. Everyone wanted to know what kind of questions were asked. It's really hard to remember all of them but they ranged from "where were you born", "do you like pie", "favorite scripture verse", "favorite cartoon character" to "what are you passionate about". It was actually tough to be put on the spot and give an answer immediately. And not be able to explain it very much. Tough for me, anyway....but you all know I'm a bit long-winded! Ha! 

After the question time, everyone was dismissed for service. The youth praise band played and sang some songs and then Nik was up! He preached a message to them and then the Pastor closed in prayer. We had a chance to visit with some people after that and then the church board went into a meeting. 

While they met, Nik and I had the opportunity to hang out with the teens and play some games. It was nice to interact with them. I think there was probably around 25....not positive though, it was a little hectic! We played games until it was time for everyone to go home. Nik stayed around and met with a men's group that plays basketball every Wednesday night after church. I don't think he played well...he was a bit tired, but it was still nice for him to hang out awhile. 

After all that was over....we went back to the Pastor’s house and helped them set their house back up after the fresh carpet was laid! There were quite a few members from the church there to help as well. It was pretty fun hanging out with everyone in a casual setting like that. 

Once everyone was gone all the adults sat down in the living room and visited more. Finally, about 11pm, the pastor told us the results from the board meeting. We were wondering...But it took awhile to say bye to everyone and get time to ourselves.

As you know, the results were a job offer for Nik! They told us they wanted to offer us the job, and then handed us an envelope that included the pay package and a few more details.

Obviously, we were up late that night - talking, praying and reviewing the week. We decided that we did not want to give a decision right away…we wanted a few days. We wanted to make sure that we were not caught up in the excitement or emotion of it all and wanted to make sure that we had a clear understanding of the direction the Lord was leading us.

Thursday, January 30: Around 8am we were packed and on the road headed back to Syracuse to board a plane home. The weather was fine going back…I did ask everyone there to pray us home though. I told them there was no way we could get stuck in NY! We had a lot to do when we got home (like Upward, and Nik preaching on Sunday). Their prayers worked and we made it home safe and sound!

On the plane ride home…Jaxen was the best and the worst traveler. It was seriously bad at a couple of points. I may or may not have been crying on the plane. But when you have had lack of sleep multiple days and are mentally and physically exhausted and your toddler is being a terror…crying just seemed like the best solution.

It did not help that Jaxen had no time to run around a play the whole day we traveled. He went from car, to plane (not a long wait) to plane (with no wait) and was just done being cooped up! But we got through it. I’m pretty sure we were the topic of many complaints that came from people aboard the plane that day. But that is okay. I did the best I could do, under the circumstances!

We arrived home later that afternoon and we were all so glad to be back in our home and in our beds!


Thank you so much for bearing with me as I wrote out this (entirely too long) story of our journey to Watertown, NY! I will do my very best to keep you updated from here on out!

We move in just 2 weeks!!!


  1. I just want to say, CUTE home! Thank you so much for sharing this story. I love your detail and can hear your tiredness, excitement, and intense prayer and thought in how you write. I love it and am so looking forward to going through this journey with you (well, as close to with you as I can through your blog). Love you!

  2. oh yeah - and we want before and after pictures of your new home. I love to see the clean slate and then what you do with it. Also, tell Quinton I really need a picture for my office. (Maybe he would be willing to paint me one for a small fee). I really love the one he did for you. Please tell him I really loved it. Thanks.