Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our First Sunday

This past Sunday was our first Sunday at Life Church of the Nazarene. 

It started bright and early with the first service beginning at 8:30. Which meant we were out the door by was normally closer to 9 for us in Texas - but we managed! 

It was hard to get a good picture of Jaxen...but he was looking adorable in his sweater vest!

During both services Pastor Chad brought all three of us to the front to introduce us to the church. And then he gave us some gifts to open. All the gifts represented something that the North Country is known for. Which I thought was pretty cool!

pancake mix, maple syrup, baked beans, jam & apples

franks, croghan bologna and great lakes cheese curds


a day of boating and exploring the 1000 Islands

The church services were great. The two are different, but we enjoyed each one. After the early service and before Sunday School, they have an 'eating time'. I'm sure there is another name for it...but that's what you and drink coffee or tea! This was pretty fun because you can sit and visit with people. 

Then we went to Sunday School and the late service. Nik and I went to different Sunday School classes. He attended the Boys Youth Class and I attended an Adult Class. For the first few weeks I'm sure we will try out different classes - they offer a good variety on Sunday morning, and also offer other classes throughout the week. 

During both services and Sunday School Jaxen went to the nursery (minus the times I pulled him out to be introduced to the church). And he did really good. Apparently there was an issue with him throwing things....but I think it got settled! Ha! They said his favorite time was when the music was on. He would dance and ‘sing’ along!

After church, there was a potluck to welcome us….

sorry for the upside down pic!

…and we had cake! During that time, many people came to talk to us and introduce themselves. It was a lot of people, but very fun! I'm looking forward to getting to know our new church family. A few of the youth girls took Jaxen and played with him most of that time. He had a great time with them!

It was kind of a long day...but we enjoyed it so much. 

After church our friends, the Chandlers, came over. We asked Jim if he could show us how to use the snow blower. That way...we are ready when (if) we need it.

I'm so glad I caught this moment on cracked me up! Nik is outside working the snow blower in his dress shoes and clothes. For some reason, it still makes me laugh!

That Sunday night we hung out with the Pastors family and had dinner. We enjoy hanging out with them and getting to know them and their family better.

It was a great first Sunday and I'm looking forward to many more!

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