Monday, March 17, 2014

New York Bound - Part 1

Sunday after church, we loaded up our car and hit the road!

Jaxen fell asleep within 10 minutes of being on the road 
and slept for about 3 hours!

Playing with toys from his travel bag that Mamaw Kay made for him (thanks)!

We drove to Memphis, TN

And ate yummy BBQ at Corky's

We settled into our hotel room for the night and Jaxen
had so much fun playing with the microwave….

After that, I decided it was time for some swimming!

Jaxen loved the pool!

He had the best time jumping off the side!

Other than Jaxen not falling asleep until 10:30pm and waking up at 4am, 
we had a great travel day!

We are pretty tired though!

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