Monday, March 24, 2014

New York Bound - Part IV

We made it! 

For those who are following our journey through this blog, I'm so sorry for the long delay in blogging....once we drove away from the hotel Wednesday morning, we have not had internet service until today!

But I am back online keep following!


Wednesday we headed to Niagara Falls! This was seriously the most exciting part of our whole trip for me. I was so excited to see Niagara Falls! Nik had seen them once before but I never have.

As we were driving across Ohio and into Pennsylvania, we finally saw some snow! I kept wondering when we would even see some. I guess they had warm weather earlier that week and most melted away. But from that time on, we saw snow scattered on the sides of the roads and in the fields.

Hello Pennsylvania!

Hello New York! Once we saw this sign...the whole trip became a little more real. We finally hit our destination state, our new home state, and that was it! No more states and no turning around to go "home". This was our new "home". 

So we finally arrived at Niagara Falls. The actual park there is pretty big with a lot of things to do, but most of it was closed that time of year. But that was okay with me, because we did not have to deal with crowds of people and long lines. I have said it many times....I love vacationing and seeing tourist sites so much better in the "off season". It's just so much more relaxed!

Here are the falls...

It was beautiful! It really is a sight to see! 

Parts around the falls were a bit frozen…

We really had a great time there!

And my favorite pic!

After we left the falls, we ate lunch and headed to Watertown!

We arrived in town and met the pastor and his family for dinner. Then after dinner we arrived at our new home! We had some help to finish putting our beds together and make them and then after just a little of unpacking and settling in, we headed to bed.

Everyone has been asking how Jaxen is doing....

The first night was rough. He cried a lot and did not sleep well in his bed. The days have been pretty good for him, but he was very tired from all the sleepless nights. I guess he still is tired because today he took a 3 hour nap! But after about 2 nights, he finally went to bed well.  No crying, just laid down and went to sleep. And for a couple nights after that, he was still waking up in the middle of the night. But now, he is doing much better. Going to bed like normal and sleeping about 11 hours. 

I know there are more things to share about our time here so far....I am going to try and play catch up this week. And then at some point, I will give you a tour of our home! 

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