Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New York Bound - Part III

So Tuesday we left Louisville, KY, and headed to Cleveland, OH.

Going through Cincinnati and Columbus.

We stopped somewhere along the way at a Target so I could get
some contact solution. While there, Jaxen talked us into a new toy for himself!

It is some kind of dog-guitar - and he loves it. I mean LOVES it!

He played with it forever in the car. This toy has already been worth the money!

Once we arrived east of Cleveland we stopped for the night.

We were all so exhausted. But before bed, we had to hit the pool again!
This pool was really cool because it had these ‘fountain’ things along side of it.
And Jaxen loved them!

We have really enjoyed hanging out at the pools each night of our journey.
It has been fun to spend some one-on-one time with Jaxen.

One more travel day…!
I think we  will arrive Wednesday night in Watertown - that is the new plan, anyway!

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