Sunday, March 16, 2014


So our home is now empty…

and the truck is loaded with all our stuff and on it’s way to NY as I type!

Jaxen is even sporting his new New York t-shirt I bought for him last week.

I also bought this shirt…
which if any of you know his love for guitars, keyboards and drums…
you know this shirt is perfect!
“I’m only doing this until my band gets signed”

A few other pictures…

A group picture of the staff at my work-church.

A picture of my mom and Scotty with Jaxen
when they came to visit a few weeks ago.

And here are a few pictures from our visit with Nik’s family this past weekend:

Playing with his cousins

We got to meet our newest niece, Kyleigh!

Jaxen decided he liked Kyleigh’s car seat…and attempted to sit in it!

We had a great time visiting with Nik’s family over the weekend!


We left Texarkana after lunch today and are headed north!

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