Friday, March 7, 2014

My Last Day of Work

Today was my last day of work at First Baptist. Almost 6 years ago, I walked in the office looking for any job I could get...I applied for the Music/Missions Assistant (without knowing how to even read music!) and started work the following week!

This job has been wonderful! It was a really hard week emotionally (as I prepared to say goodbye) and mentally (as I tried to get all my work done and train a new person). But it was a good week!

On Wednesday, I carried a box home of my belongings. It was not a very big or full box. Since we moved into our offices (not too long ago) I didn’t really take any personal things - knowing I would be leaving soon.

The plant in the box is my very special “It’s a boy” “It’s a girl” plant. To read more about that story, click here.

These are the other items I brought home:

2 picture frames with a couple of my favorite pictures in them / A wooden “Carla” sign made by a sweet gentleman that attended the church / My “Carla” name tag / And a few personal items: a barrette, chapstick and one package of English Breakfast tea.

Oh, and a Justin Bieber Poster.

This poster has been found many different places…work rooms, bathrooms, offices…I think it was given to me just so they could get it out of the building! Ha!

On Tuesday we had a special lunch, celebrating me leaving. Or something like that…! It was good food, good company and some laughter. A few people shared something that they would miss the most about me. Their response ranged from my organization skills, my clean desk, they way I “help” people (translated = my bossiness!) to missing my peanut butter pie, and all my random ailments (which if you have read my blog for long…you have heard about many of them!). It was a sweet time with some wonderful people who have been like family to me the past 6 years.

And today during our Support Staff Meeting we had a “Tea Party”. Hot tea, bluebery muffins and kolaches! It does not get much better than that!

The very last thing I took home today was the name sign outside of my office.

Dr. Carla Davis

One day, I mentioned that I would loved to be called “Dr. Davis”. First of all, it has a cool ring, and if I ever did the amount of schoolwork it took to get me to be a “Dr.” I would definitely make everyone I know call me “Dr.”!

So they made me an “honorary Dr.” for my last 2 weeks! And there were a lot of people who called me “Dr. Davis”! See what I mean about working with wonderful people?!


I know I am long overdue for some pictures of Jaxen. I just have not taken any here recently. I will try to be better this weekend and take some!

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