Thursday, March 27, 2014

Settling In

Before this post begins...I want ya'll to know that we signed the papers on our house today! We overnighted them back to Texas and we are on schedule to officially close tomorrow!!! It is still a bit surreal how quickly everything happened, but I give thanks to God for the way this has all worked out!

Now, on to my regularly scheduled post...


Here a just a few tidbits of our time here, settling in…

Two days after we arrived, we had snow! We had planned to get out that day and run errands…and I was determined not to let the weather get in our way (it was only like 3 inches) so we had to shovel our driveway!

This is my “We did it! We shoveled the snow, are dressed warm and out-and-about” picture!

 And here is Nik and Jaxen - they did not quite have the same excitement as I did!


Some of you may not know, but we sold “Gunther” (our 2 door blue car) before we left Texas. And that just left us with our white Toyota Scion. I know it is a funny looking car, especially if you are not used to seeing them. Apparently they are not real known here. Multiple people. I’m talking more than 10, have asked us about our car, “What kind of car is that” “So what do you call that thing” “Is it a van or a car”….and on and on. It is a hot topic of conversation here! We just laugh at it all. We love our little car!

The other day we were in a parking lot, going into a store when we saw another white Toyota Scion! I was so excited to see one! As we were walking through the parking lot the owners of that Scion spotted us and said “Hey, we like your car!” It made my day!!! We have seen that car once more…close to our home. One of these days I’m going to stalk them and invite myself in and make them become my friend. All in the name of Scion!


The very first meal I cooked here was on the Saturday after we arrived. My kitchen was pretty much in order, it was cold outside and I wanted soup! So I fixed Taco Soup for lunch. That day, I mentioned that I had made Taco Soup to two different people and their response? “What is Taco Soup?” Are you kidding me?! Who does not know what Taco Soup is?! Oh well. We ate it and enjoyed it!

Yes, I documented the first meal made in our new home!
(this is just the ground beef, onions and bell peppers)


I think Jaxen realizes this is now his home. I think! The first few days were spent exploring.

Speaking of Jaxen, we tried to put some old mittens on him…

It was pretty funny watching him - they were a bit too small and he had a hard time trying to do some things!  I finally went to the store yesterday and purchased a new hat (that covers his ears) and mittens that fit.


Okay…I did it! I am an official iPhone user! Exciting, I know. My favorite things are the easier-texting-capabilites, the good camera, the weather app and the map app. And I'm excited about Face Time.

And by the way, when we moved here we did not know if we would have to change numbers or not - and we did not. So our numbers are the same!


Yesterday Jaxen had a fever. It reached 102.2, but went down after some medicine and finally broke this morning.

I realized he was sick when he fell asleep while out eating lunch.

And this is how we spent the rest of the day. Laying in bed or on the couch.

I actually missed our first Wednesday night at church, because he was still not feeling better.


We are furniture shopping. So our home is not completely unpacked and we are not completely settled in yet. I can’t hang curtains or things on the wall until I know how all the furniture is going to look. I’m hoping we will purchase what we need soon. We are looking, it is just hard deciding what we want!

We do have a few curtains up where necessary - and I’m just hoping there are no ‘peeping toms’ in our neighborhood!

Also, along the lines of furniture and arranging things - we are having to arrange everything around heater vents and outlets. There could be 1 outlet in a room. Or more. And there may or may not be a heater vent. We are still trying to figure it all out!


Have you ever lived in a house with stairs before? I have not. I can’t even tell you how many times a day I climb the stairs! It’s getting better though…I’m getting a system. I pile things on the stairs that need to go up and each time I go up, I carry something. Same with going down. I have also got down some ‘stations’ that are both up and down (example: Jaxens diapers and wipes). Nik is almost trained. He came up the stairs the other night (empty-handed) and I (nicely) scolded him. He went back down and came up with a pile! It’s a good system!


I have also been staining a dresser for our bedroom. So right now, our clothes are sorted in boxes, and lined against the walls of our room. Not the easiest thing…but it has to work for now.

I am doing this downstairs in the basement, with a heater and a de-humidifier going. So far, so good. I have no idea really, what I’m doing…but I think it will turn out okay. Although I have made a mental note to myself…sometimes the money saved is not worth the work! All I’m saying!


And that’s pretty much a glimpse into us settling in. 

Over all - all is well! 

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