Saturday, July 2, 2011

30th Birthday Cards

So, this card came from one of my co-workers: You're 30! You're Mature! You're Responsible....and to Teenagers everywhere, you're OLD! Ain't that the truth...I remember thinking that myself! Ha!

Thanks Kay and Russell for this next card - you gave me new perspective on just how old I am! HA!
THIRTY, When you think about it, it's only three decades.
Three decades, seven presidents, eight olympic games, 28 volcanic eruptions, 87 space missions, 203 overthrown governments, 1,712 oscar nominations,
420,000 new miles of highway, 51 million acres of cleared rainforest...Anyway, Happy 30th!

I got this card twice - but It totally makes me laugh:
It takes five or six years! And that will probably be how long it will take me, to not cringe everytime I say my age!

This card, I am still laughing over. You may find this card more funny if you remember the incident from Blog Post: "Bike Riding" from April 19. Last paragraph. This is from one of my co-workers:

- ish. I mean, let's not rush into anything! So true....right! Ha!

I was so excited to see a card with 'RIP' and '20' together - this is from the Palmer Family:
Happy 30th!

And this one is from the Benz Family:

My Birthday-Buddy, Brenda got this card for me:
We had a back-up plan, right? Seriously, what happened to that plan?!

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my Birthday Cards!

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  1. I so thought that one that said RIP 20's would so go with your theme. LOL! Love the other cards though too!