Monday, July 24, 2017

Taughannock Falls

Last Sunday at church we had our annual “Celebration Sunday”
where we look back on all the things that God has done in the life of our church this past year.

It was a good service!

And after…we headed out to Taughannock Falls.
This is one of the beautiful NY State Parks and has and incredible waterfall.

We grilled out lunch and had a great time hanging out and eating.
After, a big group of us started the hike to the falls.

A small waterfall at the beginning.

The older teen boys and a few adults were kind enough to take some of the
kids in the water to walk to the falls.

Those of us who didn’t want to get wet - stayed on the trail above (taking pictures)!

Jaxen had the best time walking through the water, playing, splashing...etc.

The scenery all around us was absolutely gorgeous!

A group pic of the ones who were in the water. 

And not long after that picture, we made it to the falls!

It was seriously breathtakingly beautiful!
Pictures do not do it justice.

After we walked back to our campsite, we let Jaxen play in the water for a bit.

Nik and Zane stayed back at the campsite during our hike.
But Zane had a great time throwing rocks in the water!
And don’t ask me why his onsie is unbuttoned….?

It was a beautiful day at a great state park I had never been to!

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