Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Swim Lessons

Jaxen is involved in swim lessons again this year.
The first day he was super excited and “pumped” up about it!

We got there and he had to do some “tests”.
Basically, see what his level of swim is.
After that, all the kids got free time for swim for the rest of the class.

Day 2 he was super excited again…
but when he came home, he told me it was too hard without his floaties and he didn’t like it.
That kind of made me laugh :)

I explained to him that it would be hard, because they were teaching him to swim,
without floaties.
After we talked he agreed to try agin, not give up, and do his best.

Day 3 was okay.
I don’t think he loves it…but he is still going…so that’s a plus!
He still asks for his floaties anytime we swim, which is okay for now.
But I hope by the end of swim lessons, he will be comfortable enough to go with no floaties.

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