Monday, July 10, 2017

Shared Room

We have officially moved Jaxen into Zane’s room and they now share a 
“sleeping room” (as Jaxen calls it).

We have been talking about this for a few months, 
but I wanted to wait until summer, in case it did not go well.

The main reasons we have made this switch are:
1. Jaxen’s room has way too much sunlight
2. You can hear the traffic on the road (especially the trash/recycle trucks) in Jaxen’s room
3. Jaxen’s room is the warmest in the house

Zane’s room is in the middle of the upstairs, only has one window, 
and is directly across from the window a/c unit in our upstairs hallway.
Which equals a quiet, cool room to sleep in :)

So we did a bit of re-arranging and Jaxen loves it!

Also - Jaxen is no longer scared to sleep in his “big bed”, now that it is in Zane’s room.
That’s a win. 
Considering he kept falling off the toddler bed he was sleeping on because it was so small!

The shared room has worked out pretty well!
The first night was really rough on Zane. He just would not go to sleep.
Jaxen kept telling him “lay down Zane. Go to sleep!”
I think it was just too much change for Zane.

The next few nights we decided to put one of the boys down first and let them fall asleep before the other (we switched and it didn’t matter who went first).
That seemed to work well.

And now…we can put both boys down at the same time - but it’s sometimes easier
to just do one (let them fall asleep) and then the other.

Zane has woken during the night crying (we have had 2 really rough nights of that)
but it does not seem to bother Jaxen.
I told Jaxen in the beginning that if Zane is crying, to just roll over and go back to sleep.
And he does!

And last night, Jaxen was up a few times and it never bothered Zane.

A few times in the morning I will catch this:

It’s pretty sweet :)

The boys really like being together - and I like them being together!

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