Saturday, July 8, 2017

4th of July Fun

This morning has been the best morning…We all woke up around 8am after a long fun day yesterday and a late night at church camp. My boys were exhausted! Jaxen “rested” on the couch for about 2 hours this morning and Zane is going on a 2 hour nap. Nik is working in his office and I have been piddling. I’m about to organize our week and get a grocery list / errand list ready. Monday starts Soccer Camp at church and we are looking forward to it!

On to my (super long) post now…

Last Friday Jaxen was super excited

because we got to meet a new friend (that was born the day before)

and be in a parade!
He thanked me a number of times
 “Thank you mommy for 2 fun things today”!

Zane napped in the car

while these 4 cuties finished getting our church float all ready for the parade!

Our church group all lined up before the parade started.

Zane was entertained

and Jaxen was having a great time!

The parade finally started and we had a great time walking the parade and throwing candy!
Zane pretty much looked like this the entire time.

A bit overwhelmed but having so much fun seeing all the sights and sounds of a parade!
And he stayed in that wagon the entire parade. Good job Zane!

One thing I want to remember is that someone told me Jaxen was throwing just one 
candy at a time as to “not waste” it
and then he was also going up to people and asking if they even wanted candy!

Sunday, after church Nik took Jaxen to meet up with Mason and Teagan at the Carnival.

After the Carnival, I took Jaxen and Zane to a friends birthday party, and this is the only pic I got.
Jaxen’s face covered in black frosting!

Monday was campfire and fireworks at a friends in Fairhaven!

 Zane loved the little fireworks we shot off - and he was so cute clapping when they were done!

Once it got dark we walked to the lake and saw a great fireworks show!
 I think Jaxen’s favorite part were the glow sticks, though. Big hit! Haha!

Zane collapsed as soon as he got in the car to head home.
Jaxen, somehow, stayed awake.

 Tuesday - the actual fourth of July - we had a cookout at our house with some friends!
It was a fun, relaxing time.
The kids enjoyed the 80 water balloons we had ready. 
It sure did not take long to go through them, though!

That afternoon, it was pool time!

We had a great 5 days celebrating the 4th!

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