Saturday, July 22, 2017

Soccer Camp

How in the world did I go all week with out posting a new blog???
Oh yea…sick kids, swim lessons, a husband out of town, meetings, and road trips… :)

Well, here is a little recap of Soccer Camp!

July 10-14 our church held a soccer camp, and it was so much fun!

Jaxen was so excited and ready to play on Monday!

Tuesday he was still feeling pretty good about soccer…

Nik does not know much about soccer - but he jumped in and helped out for a 
few coaches that could not be there that night, and did a great job!

Wednesday we found out that Jaxen had strep throat. Yuck.
And it rained that night…so we took Soccer Camp inside.

We did everything we could inside (drills, snacks, shooting, devotions)
and thankfully, the rain stopped in time for scrimmage!

Thursday, Jaxen was done with soccer camp. Haha!
We tried…but he just wasn’t feeling it.

First, he did not want to do the stretches everyone else was doing…
he wanted to do his own exercises.

He did sit through devotions and play a few minutes.

Then…this happened…
yes, that is Jaxen, laying on the grass, happy as can be while 
others play around him!

Friday - he did not even want to go on the field…
until we handed out these cool salvation bracelets!

He stayed for devotions, a group pic and one drill.

Then he sat on the sidelines, talking with his friend Ethan, the rest of the night!

We tried! Haha!

Overall, he had a great time and likes soccer.
And I think had he not been sick, he might of held up a little better.
We will try again next year!

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