Thursday, July 6, 2017

Indie Recap - Part 2

While Nik and I were away in Indianapolis, Nik’s parents kept our boys at our house for the week! And we are so thankful they were here to hold the fort down and love on our boys while we were away.  Here is a small recap of the fun they had while we were gone….

First up…Hermit Crabs. There is a longer story to how we got these crabs, but the short story is we got them the day before we left. So - Kay and Russell were in charge of keeping Jaxen’s new pets alive! Good thing it was not a hard job. Haha!

Kay texted me this picture one day with the words “big time blowout”. 
And apparently a bath was the only way to go :)

While we were gone, Jaxen had an awards night at Tee Ball.
So proud of his medal!

Another big milestone was Jaxen’s last day of Pre-K.

Left (Pre-K Orientation) / Right (Last Day)

Jaxen graduated Pre-K with a pretty cute little ceremony.
Although I was sad to miss it - I was glad Kay and Russell were there to see him graduate!

And this was the outfit Jaxen picked out to wear on his first day of summer - haha!
And that is why I picked out all his school clothes :)

They boys had a great time with their grandparents.
I think they especially liked going to McDonald’s, getting ice cream and play time outside!

I missed them while we were gone - but it was a good-miss.
I thought about them, but not all the time…and I wasn’t worried about them.

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