Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Day in our Life

This past Monday when I was up feeding Zane I read a blog post from another blogger - it was a “Day in the Life of Us”. I have done this kind of post before and I love reading about other people’s days. It’s probably a little weird and I feel like a bit of a stalker (although they put it out there for people to read!) but I find it interesting! So at that moment I decided to do one of our day -

So here you go - This is our life on Monday, July 11, 2016….

5:20am: Zane woke up hungry and ready to eat! After nursing, a diaper change, some cuddle time and being rocked for a bit - he went back to sleep.

6:00am: I am back in bed. I pondered being up for the day - but the bed won on this particular morning! Haha!

7:35am: Jaxen (and his toys) were in bed with us, watching a little TV.

7:50am: I am downstairs fixing breakfast, going over my daily task list and enjoying just a little bit of quiet time. I’m keeping an eye on Zane, in the monitor. 

8:15am: Zane is awake (notice how much this kid moves at night while sleeping) and ready to eat. So I nurse him while Jaxen decides to play “doctor” and fixes all our boo boo’s and bee stings (he knows all about bee stings because last week he was stung by one!).

The next bit is a blur of getting myself ready, both boys ready, and packing bags for the day!

9:45am: We are out the door and on the road. I had to return some paperwork to Jaxen’s new school (which happens to have a great playground and happens to be 5 minutes from where his swim lessons are located). So I decided that would be our morning fun. 

10:05: Paperwork is dropped off inside the school and we are at the playground, having a great time!

While at the playground we stopped to have a snack break. Jaxen is digging through the snacks in his bag and then I sit on the bench to feed Zane while Jaxen goes back and forth snacking and playing.

11:00am: We load up and head to swim lessons at the High School.

11:20am: I make sure Jaxen is settled with his swim instructor (parents are not allowed to stay and watch) and so Zane and I head back to the car.

12:00pm: Lessons are over and we are headed home for lunch! While I am fixing lunch, Jaxen is relaxing out on the hammock. We eat outside and enjoy a nice lunch with Nik. Lunch included leftover enchiladas for Nik; burrito and apple for Jaxen; chef salad for me.

12:55pm: Time to feed Zane again!

1:20pm: Jaxen is down for a nap and I snack (or really, finish my lunch) on yogurt and walnuts.

1:40pm: Zane is apparently needing a snack too, because he is eating again! 

2:20pm: Zane is finally down for a nap and I take advantage of both boys being asleep at the same time and do dishes, work on some laundry and pickup the house.

2:45pm: I am outside, on the hammock, having the rest of my quiet time (that got interrupted that morning!).

3:15pm: I am up and getting dinner prep done, I boil some eggs for Nik and talk to Jaxen’s new speech therapist - getting those details taken care of.

3:45pm: Jaxen is up and drinking lemonade and eating goldfish outside on the hammock! While he takes time to wake up, I am trying to tackle our hall closet where I am setting up an “art station” on the lower shelf that includes, crayons, markers, paint and brushes, plain paper, coloring books, play-doh and a few more odds and ends that Jaxen and I can easily get to when needed.

Nik is done with work for the day and him and Jaxen enjoy a game of Go Fish!

5:00pm: Zane is awake and hungry!

5:45pm: We are out on the deck enjoying dinner (grilled lemon chicken with Lemon Parmesan Pasta). This was a new recipe (the pasta) and it was almost a winner. Next time I make it, I will only put 1/2 the amount of lemon juice called for. It was very lemon-y! But was really good :)

6:15pm: This boy was ready to eat again!

6:45pm: I worked on cleaning up from dinner and doing dishes while Nik and Jaxen played a little soccer in the yard and then played mowed on the riding lawn mower! 

7:30pm: Nik and I had been craving something sweet so I baked dessert for us: Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars! They were pretty amazing! We ate them warm (you are supposed to let them cool completely before cutting) because I have no self control when it comes to hot dessert out of the oven! I let the rest cool and even sent the leftovers with Nik on Tuesday to a meeting. 

8:15pm: Jaxen was in bed and I was feeding Zane while watching a TV show with Nik.

9:00pm: I finally made it to the shower!

10:07pm: Fed Zane for what would hopefully be the last time that night and then I went to bed myself….except that Nik was watching American Ninja Warrior and I got hooked!

11:30pm: Finally, ready to sleep!

I don’t remember the conversation exactly -  I was stating the fact that I was tired (which is always, these days) and he cracked me up laughing by quoting a Thomas the Train book: "A really useful engine is a really tired engine!"

So that is a day in our life. No two days are the same. 
But life is definitely not boring right now!


  1. What a productive little engine you are! Maybe I will do my day for you - but it is super busy and boring all at the same time.

    1. You should totally do your day! They are so fun to read :)