Thursday, July 21, 2016

Home Tour - Jaxen’s Room

When deciding room placement at our house, Jaxen’s room was originally going to be Nik and I’s. But right before we moved in, we decided to give it to Jaxen, and I’m glad we did! It has worked out great as his room. Plus - eventually, the boys will share a room and this room will be perfect for sharing. (It’s big and has a big closet!).

So - welcome to Jaxen’s room!

The pictures of both Jaxen and Zanes room were taken some time ago and since then, there have been some tweaks and changes. I’m sure both of these rooms will change pretty often over the next few years as we add a bigger bed to Jaxen’s room and move stuff around based on interests at the time!

Outside of Jaxen’s room is a little nook in the hallway. Currently, it houses some more toys (and an A/C window unit). I’m not sure what the space will end up as - but I’m thinking an art wall (from the boy’s artwork) would be fun!  


  1. I love it! His little bed! When are you thinking about changing the size of his bed?

    1. Not sure when exactly...but soon! We have to decide what kind of bed first...twin, trundle (for guests), bunk bed...