Monday, July 18, 2016


Snapshots of Jaxen

I was sharing with my mom this weekend that Jaxen does not want his picture taken. Ever.
Where did my little boy go who would smile and pose on cue?!

So I have to sneak pictures in now - like the following…

Craft time!
I finally unpacked our art supplies and Jaxen has enjoyed coloring and painting again.

Beach Day last week!
I am trying to make it a personal goal to go to the beach once a week.

Jaxen loves to play with his bubbles and buckets of water outside.

Jaxen really wanted to help with dinner the other night so I let him break all the spaghetti.

Think he is outgrowing his toddler bed? haha!

And finally…
after about 15 pictures I get a cute one while we were out at lunch one day.

And then this happened :)

Jaxen insisted that Zane take a bath with him.
Then before I could even bathe Zane, Jaxen was begging me to take him out!

Snapshots of Zane

These are probably my new faves...

And then there are these….

But then there is that smile :)

Milk-coma. Haha!

For the record…This will be the last time he wears this cute outfit!

Snapshot of Nik
(courtesy of Jaxen)

Snapshot of Carla
(courtesy of Jaxen)

And one final snapshot:

Zucchini Bread
I made this last night and it was yummy!

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