Thursday, July 7, 2016

Home Tour - Niks Office

Update on my red bump:
It’s MRSA.
MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus 
and is an infection caused by a strain of bacteria that is resistant to the antibiotics
 commonly used to treat ordinary staph infections.

I decided to spare you a picture.
And I highly recommend that you do not ‘google’ MRSA in the armpit.
Enough said.


So...Nik is officing from home!
Which is new to both of us.
We are still getting used to it, but overall, I think I like it!

Here is a little tour -

His office is connected to the Living Room (and has a pocket door).

To the right…
books, pictures and collectables.

The middle...

This is one of his favorite things:
A handmade sign from a special friend!

And to the left…
(I have more to add to his walls)

The room was already painted blue when we moved in
so we decided to leave it, as is. 
It’s a great space for Nik to do his work.
I even like sitting in there when I’m on the computer.
The windows (on either side of the desk) give a nice view out the front.
Good sunlight.

We put a window A/C unit in his office and it blows
straight through the entire bottom of the house.
It does pretty good, except the kitchen can get a little warm on the hot days.

Like I stated before - this is new to us…but I like having Nik home. 
It’s nice to see him when he emerges for a drink or potty break.
Jaxen likes to knock on his door when lunch is ready.
And Nik likes that he can just step out to bounce something off of me
or ask a question or have me read something.

I was a little concerned about Jaxen -
having Nik working from home.
But really, he has been great about it!
There are times he interrupts Nik to tell him something.
But for the most part he understands that when daddy is in his office he is working and off limits!

The funniest thing to me - is that Nik scares me all.the.time!
I will walk into a room and see him out of the corner of my eye and I jump!
I think that he is in his office and he just steps out for a minute,
and it throws me off (and scares me) every time! Haha!

I told you I would be slow in giving a home tour - haha!
More to come….  :)


  1. Ok Sister! For 1. never say "I don't recommend googling it" because before I even finished ready the post, you know I was googling!!!! That thought might have never come to me and I could have been saved from throwing up 6 times (no not really) if you had never suggested it. 2. I love love love those windows! You guys decorate so well. I am at the office today - painting my new office. I want you to come decorate it!

    1. In all reality - my arm was not as bad as most images. Haha! I should have known!

      And I don't know about decorating...but I would help you paint!