Saturday, July 23, 2016

Random Pictures of our Life Lately from this Week

So I tried coming up with something clever to title this blog post…I mean, how many times can I use Random Pictures, Our Life Lately, Pics from Our Week….and so on? But that is what this is…basically, it’s pictures from my phone that I put on this blog post to tell you a little bit about and to update you on our lives. So - got any suggestions?!

Until you give me something better - here is my blog post consisting of random pictures of our life lately (from this last week)…

If you can’t tell - Zane is eating super great!
Whatever issues we have had in the past - they are over now.
This kid loves to eat and often gets in (what I call) Milk-Coma (I think I posted a pic last week).
Anyway -
Here is milk-drool.
I think he fell asleep with milk still in his mouth and it just kept leaking out. Haha!

I seriously just love him! 
He makes me pretty happy :)

As does Jaxen…
We have now instated the new rule of “hug under his arms”.
I got tired of Jaxen nearly a) choking or b) ripping Zane’s head off every time he hugged him.
Under the arms works much better!

We have held true to my rule of going to the beach at least once a week this summer...
We even went twice this last week!

Jaxen, with his friend Leah

Zane does pretty well at the beach!
He gets warm sometimes, but this tent that Nik found for me to take
is wonderful! He can play in there, sleep and I can even feed him (a bit more privately)!

Going to the beach with a 4 year old and 3 month old is no walk in the park though.
The packing everything up, loading it in the car, making sure Jaxen goes potty,
feeding Zane before we go, carrying everything from the car to the beach (nightmare), 
while holding a hand and carrying a car seat, setting it up, the sunscreen, the sand….
But while we are there…bliss. Almost :)
I like to stay as long as possible - get the most bang for my buck all the work, right?
But then comes the part where we head home…
a sandy, dirty, tired, cranky boy plus
packing everything up, carrying everything back to the car (nightmare), 
while holding a hand and carrying a car seat, making sure Jaxen goes potty,
feeding Zane before we go, 
sitting them in a hot car while it cools down and getting a snack and drink for Jaxen…
unloading it at the house, unpacking everyone, hanging things to dry,
shaking sand off of everything, the laundry...
Like I said - no walk in the park!

Plus with the stage these two are at - I do not go alone!
It is too hard to keep an eye on Jaxen and take care of Zane.

So we go with friends who don’t mind my crazy - haha!

Moving on…
For someone who will hardly touch a piece of bread - 
Jaxen sure loves him some Zucchini bread!

And we had a visitor this week - Misty!
We have had a great time with her!

Tis the season to pick blueberries.
I am doing my part (picked about 8 pounds) and plan on going back once more.
They are super tasty this year!

 Don’t think I have forgotten about Nik -
He is just not around!
He spoke at Camp on Monday night and has been back and forth all week.
He pulled in Saturday at 8am and was gone again by 8:30am for a work day.

And one last picture before this very random post ends...

We are just getting in that phase :)

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  1. That should be the title of your post - Everything but the Poop jokes!